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General Information
Silver Division General

Our Silver Division is ideal for those players whose skills range from beginner to moderate.  At levels where the Gold Division exist, all registrants are required to attend a skill session. The focus is on advancing the participants fundamental skills and  understanding of the game of basketball.

Team Information
Developement & Makeup

This league is open to youth in grade 3 thru 12 unless designated otherwise by the LJAL Basketball Committee, and can have as many as 12 teams per division. Each Silver team shall have a maximum 15 players and a minimum of 13 players on its roster.In leagues of three teams or more general skills sessions are often required to ensure the greatest possible team balance is achieved.

Game Format

Games - All teams play a 10 game season, each game is approximately one hour. Score and timekeepers are all volunteers and the official game record is kept by game referees.  

Game Length/ Periods - Each game consist of six periods, three per half, each five minutes long with a ‘stop clock’. The clock will stop during all free throws, injuries, official time-outs and out-of-bounds plays; there shall be one minute between periods and a five minute half-time.

Minimum Play - Each player is required to play one complete period in each half. Barring Injuries, It is intended that each player will play, at a minimum, 2 uninterrupted periods in each game. When ten or more players are present at a game, no player may play more than 3 periods in a complete game. No player may play more than two periods in either half unless injuries or fouls reduce the number of players available. A player can only play a second time in a half after all other players have played. If a player arrives after the first half has been completed, he/she can play only two periods in the second half.


Game Officials are a combination of high school students and adults trained thru LJAL to emphasize positive conduct, and game enjoyment. The league, and its officials, view player development as its sole purpose, and work in conjunction with coaches to ensure that league rules and the code of conduct are enforced.  

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