Welcome Coaches

There are many facets to coaching youth sports. The information provided will hopefully give you a good foundation, or the building blocks needed in you to become a good coach. Becoming a coach is a process, not something static. Good coaches keep an open mind and are constantly learning new things, and are not content to "stand pat" with what they know. This learning is multi-faceted... not just learning new offenses, defenses, plays, etc, but also learning how to better teach fundamentals, how to get along with others, how to deal with players, parents, fans, and how to build your program. Hopefully, information provided here will support your efforts. Also, all LJAL coaches should adhere to the following:  

  1. Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, relatives of players and friends in and around the school gym.
  2. Each team must have a designated Head Coach, and at least one designated Assistant Coach, with required information on file with the LJAL. Any change in coaches for a team must be filed with the LJAL Basketball Committee, presenting the new coach’s name, address, and phone number before the next scheduled game. All designated coaches must be at least 18 years of age, and must submit a signed form authorizing LJAL to perform a background check. All coaching changes must be approved by the LJAL.
  3. In case of inquiry of any members of his/her team, the coach shall be responsible for producing evidence or records requested by the LJAL Basketball Committee.
  4. Coaches shall upon request, present any or all members of their team for the purpose of inquiring or identification.
  5. Coaches must wear a coach’s shirt for games as supplied by the LJAL.
  6. At least one (but not more than three) registered coaches must be present at the team’s bench by game time, and for the duration of the game, or the game will be subject to forfeit.
  7. A minor (under 18) may be designated as an assistant coach, but at all times must be supervised by an adult coach.
  8. Head coaches, should possess LJAL rules and regulations, code of conduct, and building use guidelines prior to and during all activities.   


Phone In Score Reporting

Game Scores can now be phoned in, or the PhoneItIn phone app can be used:

1. Look up your game number which can be found on the LJAL website by clicking Basketball, Team Schedules,  and click on your Division.
2. Dial the toll free number 1-866-334-6294.

3. When asked, say or enter the pin number of the event which is 2222, your next prompt will be to enter the game number.

4. You will then be told the division, teams playing, and field location - if this is the correct game, confirm by saying yes.

5. When asked, say or enter the score for each team, then confirm.

6. You can do more games in the same call, or just say goodbye when done.


Remember, you cannot have two games with the same game number (within the same division or across divisions) to use the Phone It In system. 
Please note: The winning team head coach must call in the score, and score sheets must be given to the Gym monitor at the end of each game.

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