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Basketball Resources

Train your coaches
The single most important action a youth sports organization can take to enhance its program is to train its volunteer coaches. Encourage your organization to train their coaches. A Parent Orientation Program and Criminal Background Checks are also available.

Animated Plays
Beware of pop-ups on this free site but definitely still worth the visit. If you have heard of a play or seen it in a game and now want to see an animated breakdown of the the play, this site does just that. You can see plays like the Double Pick or the Zone Press Break.

Degerstrom Basketball
There are sites with drills and then there is this site, with 833 basketball drills separated into 14 categories. There is not a lot of graphics or ads just a easy to use black and white list breaking them down into categories like youth drills, offensive drills or even wheelchair drills.

Coaches Clipboard
This website has basketball fundamentals including terminology and many basketball drills. Be sure to check out the page with links to video clips of all the drills. The small video clip can quickly provide new idea to try at practice. It even covers issues such as the right attitude, the role of the basketball player and how to practice on your own in the off season. Great page for coaches wanting fundamentals and more. Updated

AVCSS Website
Scroll down to see the video of the week which shows a basketball drill or skill.  You can also get several handout examples like, a stats form for youth teams, a summer workout plan, a guard or post player shooting routine, a full court blank diagrams, and much more. It has great basketball drills demonstrations that you can see on video.

Breakthrough Basketball
Great website to help you understand your role as a youth basketball coach and has several articles to help you with your coaching like communicating with your players, 8 ways to earn your player’s trust and more.  Find a few simple tricks to optimize practice time and get more done without sacrificing your tight schedule.  Every coach needs to know the fundamentals and be able to teach several plays to their players. 

Ultimate Youth Basketball Guide
If you’re a parent just recruited to coach a team and you don’t know a Cross Screen from a Crossover dribble check out the descriptions of terms for basketball actions, positions, rules and the court. Lots of reading but Information is presented in an easy-to-understand format. You’ll find drills and tips for players and parents. Be sure to scroll down the screen to see all the information. Posted 5/24/06

Tommy’s Basketball Playbook
Rating (8/10)
This is a must see website for any basketball coach. It is a free site and unfortunately unavailable for periods of time. Check back later, it’s worth it. Whatever topic you are researching, it is most likely covered at this one-stop site. You will find useful coaching tools such as court diagrams, tournament planning, statistic and shot charts, and even a referee signal chart. Need some fresh new drills for practice? This site lists a great selection of ball handling, dribbling, passing, lay-up and shooting, and defensive drills. Improve those handles with Rick Pitinos Comprehensive Ball Handling Workout. Also find tips and drills for developing your post players. Read informative articles on topics such as coaching your own children. Find detailed instructions on implementing and running Pressbreakers, inbounds plays, man and zone offenses and a variety of defenses. And much more!

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